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  • As-Built Survey
  • SubDivision Design
  • Lot Grading Certificate
  • Rough & Final Grading Certificate
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GIS Services

utility services layout

rough & final grading certificates

Topographic survey are three-dimensional surveys that locate the position of natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations.They are often required for design purposes or to accompany a submission for a development application. Our experienced survey team provide a high quality survey that can be tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements.


Lot grading certificates

As-built surveys are conducted several times throughout the duration of a construction project. The purpose of an as-built survey is to verify that the construction work authorized has been completed according to the same specifications set during the planning stage and shown in the site plan. It is required for nearly every type of land project, from roads and trails to utility improvements and building construction.

subdivision GRADING Design

Topographic Survey

The purpose of Lot Grading is to provide good drainage away from buildings and adjacent properties for the benefit of property owners. Any Municipality require Lot Grading Certificate to ensure grading is done properly and in compliance with municipal requirements. This document shows several current elevations of the lot in comparison with design grades that were previously approved by the municipality. It is intended to show where water will drain on a property. 

As-built survey

Construction survey & layout

EnMatiX employs highly qualified, experienced design technicians who can meet any need in electric & gas utility layout and design. we can provide layout and design for any electric or gas service delivery requirement.  We design for new services, replacements, relocations and facility extensions. 

The Lot Grading Certificate needs to be submitted to a municipality for rough and final grade approvals. Approval is based on the requirements of a municipality and is subject to their inspection. Our Certified Professionals will efficiently carry out the above process starting from "Application to Approval".

Construction staking is performed at the beginning of the project to make sure that the project proceeds according to plan. It is required for a variety of projects including subdivisions, streets, utilities and multi-story buildings.

With our GIS services, we offer accurate georeferencing / geocoding of your projects at affordable prices. We are capable of various geospatial analytical procedures for users in agriculture, transport, electrical network, water supplies, sewage, etc. Our services includes,

Utility Mapping
Route Network Analysis 
Digitization / Vectorization
Water Resources Planning
GCP Data Capture and analysis
Topographical mapping
Image GeoRectification / Georeferencing
Rural / Urban Planning,Development & Management

Our subdivision grading design services address the developer's need to design the characteristics of the sub division with respect to grading.