• Access Road  Design
  • Volume & Area Calculations
  • SubDivision Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Pond & Lagoon Containment Design
  • Rough & Final Grade Design / Approval
  • Stockpile Survey & Map Preparation
  • Machine Control GPS File Preparation & Support

Provision for adequate drainage is paramount importance in land development and road design. The presence of excess water will adversely affect the building and adjacent properties. Our Certified Professionals will efficiently carry out the above process starting from "Application to Approval" for Residential and Commercial Properties.

rough & final grade design / approval

pond & lagoon containment design

subdivision design

EnMatiX offers Engineering expertise in Access Road Design. Our Engineers and Designers have experience with the most up to date design software packages including  Civil 3D, 3D StudioMax, ARCGIS Spatial Analyst and Autoturn. These software capabilities allow our engineers to go beyond simple road design and achieve optimal solutions by selecting road routes that minimize construction costs and simulating vehicle movement to ensure suitable turn radii for transportation of large objects.

machine control gps file preparation & support

Subdivision design process include site analysis, land use planning, density considerations, circulation pattern and approval process

Access road & deSign

Ponds are designed to provide numerous functions including reducing peak discharges and improving water quality. Pond design process include analysis of rainfall data sources, rainfall runoff modeling, inlet grate capacity analysis, outlet capacity design and analysis, detention pond sizing and underground ponds.

Lagoons are pond-like bodies of water or basins designed to receive, hold, and treat waste water for a predetermined period of time.

Drainage Design


Our team of experts will convert design data into workable and accurate Civil 3D model that can be used for GPS machine control. Design and Drawing updates will be made and checked. We also prepare complex grading models and 3D line-work data which enables the GPS survey technologist to stakeout proposed features such as curb, road break-lines and edges, storm runs, slopes, drainage structures etc. 

EnMatiX provides underground sewer infrastructure design and construction services to Land developers and Construction Firms.

volume & area calculations

Stockpiles are surveyed to determine volume and weight of contained material. EnMatiX professionals use GPS method to measure either irregular stockpiles formed by dumping or more controlled strockpiles formed by conveyors.The data is also used to generate a contour map of the stockpile using Civil 3D software.

This sevice is offered for any Civil Engineering / Land development projects. Volume and area calculations are based on analysis of existing surface model and proposed design.

stockpile survey & map preparation